The Game
You can bet on Player, Banker and Tie on each turn.

How to Play
This game is played with a deck of 52 cards.
First, you should make a bet. You can choose the value of the coin(s) that you wish to wager: $1, $5, $10 and $25, between the minimum and maximum bet amount of the game.
Then, choose the amount you wish to deposit into either Player, Banker and/or Tie.

Next, when you are ready and the bet is enough, you can press the DEAL/NEW GAME button
The cards will be delivered, and the game will provide suggestions about what to do. If the Player or the Banker has 5 or less, s/he will be given a third card. Press continue to go on.
To remove the bet from the table you have alt+left click in PC, and alt+click in MAC

The banker gives 2 cards to the player and then takes two cards for himself. If the player, with two cards, has 8 or 9 points (5+4=9 or 5+3=8) and the banker has 3 points, the player wins and the banker can’t hit again. The same can happen in the reverse case.

When the player bets on the banker, a 5% commission is applied.

The game pays:
On Player: The same amount you bet.
On Banker: Ninety Five percent (95%) of the amount you bet
On Tie: Eight times the amount you bet

This is your credit balance within the Baccarat Game.     Bet
This is the amount wagered on the next hand.